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Established since 2000, NetViet is one of the first local HR service firms with a depth of experience in Vietnam's labor market.

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Why NetViet ?

Founded in 2000, NetViet has quickly been renowned as the first local headhunter and one of the leading human resources service providers in Vietnam.

Understanding that the pioneering of this position, NetViet always focus a highly quality, timely and professional services so that our clients can get most benefits from it.

With solid management, international knowledge and expertise in doing business in Vietnam, our experts allow us to develop customized solutions to meet the specific needs of companies and organization both large and small, private and public.

More than 12 years, NetViet has grown from a single client to over  2,500 clients from various industries of multi-national companies, from 2 Founders to over 25 permanent staff and growing. NetViet processes more than 2,000 employee on contract assignments today.

 We offer a full range of services to help you acquire, develop and retain talent, including:      

● Management Consulting: Strategic advice on various aspects of human resources management.

● Executive Employment: Searching and referring executives at middle and top levels to customers.

● Employees Assessment: Check and report your staff’s capability through our multiple-choice tests and interviews.

● Staffing Solutions: Staff outsourcing/secondment and payroll service.

As a company specializing in HR field, NetViet provide all services related to Human Resource. To bring the customer the most satisfaction and convenience, we not only provide Human Resource for the client but also the related services such as: Management Consulting, Restructuring Organization, Payroll Service, Packaged HR…

Having more than experienced 10 years in human resource field, NetViet are very knowledgeable about the Vietnamese labor market. Our advantages are the powerful database includes many talent, successful partnerships, in-depth knowledge and experience we accumulated over many years of working.

With our experience and professional service style of recruitment consultancy team, NetViet believe that we can help the customer just focus on implementing business strategies and building staff team to bring into success and reputation.

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